Sunday, January 5, 2014

Go Midwest, Young Man

Well, I didn't get much birding in yesterday, but some American Crows (what a thrill!) in town brought me up to 82 for the year, and some Bohemian Waxwings were a nice state and Spokane County addition for 2014.

And now, it appears that we've picked the worst possible day to try to fly back to Chicago. Constant snowfall, followed by the coldest temperatures in 30 years, including wind chills dipping down to -52 degrees sometime tomorrow. I'm thinking it'll be a miracle if we actually go to sleep in Illinois tonight. Phoenix is one of our layovers, so I'm hoping we get "stuck" there overnight. Either way, I will not be birding in Illinois tomorrow the way I had been planning to. I'm thinking it'll be a slower start than I wanted in my quest for 300 in Illinois; it should be interesting to see what challenges are created by the severe whether, and what it will take to overcome them. Stay safe out there!

Year list totals:

Washington: 79
Idaho: 30

ABA: 82